BBC’s Africa debate

BBC opens for debate about their Africa coverage with audience/readers on Twitter, writes Susanne Østhus.

In the upcoming Africa debate programme hosted by BBC, you get the chance to get your questions answered by Peter Horrocks, director of the BBC World Service. The topic for discussion this time will be revolving around the news coverage of countries in Africa and whether media is getting it right. Everyone can ask questions and almost through every social media platform. The programme is aired 30 August and 1 September and the questions asked today will be the basis for the debate. Get on it and ask questions, ends at 1 am Australian time.

I have sent in a couple of questions myself: Does censorship in countries in Africa, such as Liberia, affect your news coverage? Which conflicts in Africa does mainstream media seem to “forget”?

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To ask a question on Twitter, you use the hashtag #mybbcafrica at the end of your tweet. They also have a Facebook group, BBC Africa Page. Or you could do it by filling out this form on BBC’s site. Let the questions begin!


I sent in questions through every social media platform available, but was not lucky enough to get a reply. But I did get a retweet from BBC though.

I am a big advocate of using Twitter as a news source, because you are able to digest a lot of information in a short amount of time. Although, when using Twitter as a news medium it is important to be able to distinct verified information from rumors and hoaxes. Open debates such as this one by the BBC are great for a two way communication between media and the audience/readers. You can also be certain that the information tweeted by news organisations is in most cases verified.

All the questions answered by Peter Horrocks can be seen here. I have picked out three questions that I thought were particularly good.

Do you think Twitter is an improvement of media and audience/reader relationship or not? Please share your opinion in the comment section or tweet me at @SusanneTunge


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