Kevin Rudd visit La Trobe for Africa dialogue

Kevin Rudd visited La Trobe University in May for a dialogue about Africa. This was around the same time the Gonski reform had been published and students were upset by the cuts to university funding. Some students therefore organised a protest for when Rudd arrived at La Trobe. What these students did not realise is that Rudd had nothing to do with the Gonski reform, as he resigned from his role as foreign minister in the labor government last year. I understand that students were upset and angry by the reform, but their protest was largely misplaced. The attention shifted to a student protest instead of the important Africa dialogue that was happening. Instead of talking about war, Rudd chose to focus on the good things happening in Africa and explaining the growth of the continent. Finally there can be some attention to all the good things that are happening in Africa.

You should check out this article written by a PhD student from La Trobe, it focuses on Rudd’s speech and why it is important to focus on the good that is happening in Africa.


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2 responses to “Kevin Rudd visit La Trobe for Africa dialogue”

  1. mcabanes says :

    Positive vs. Negative stories about Africa. I chose to show an Africa with a lot of potential, . Many indicators tell us that Africa is poor, however, it is a continent where natural, cultural, linguistic and historical wealth is abundant… that’s what I would like to share about Africa.
    I hope the relations between Australia and Africa can be improved and lead to positive outcomes. 🙂
    You have a great blog here! Thanks for your work!

    • susanne102 says :

      Thank you for great feedback! Looking forward to following your blog 🙂
      I also hope for improvement in Australian and African relations, but I must admit I’m skeptical with the new government in place and their policies on reducing aid.

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